NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA, September 10 2018 – Solsys Medical, LLC (“Solsys”) (formerly known and doing business as Soluble Systems, LLC) (“Solsys Medical”), which markets TheraSkin®, a cellular and tissue-based product for regenerative wound healing, announced today that it has partnered with Healogics, the nations largest provider of advanced chronic wound care services, to be a part of the new Healogics iSupply program, offering TheraSkin to Healogics facilities. Through the partnership with Healogics, Solsys furthers its mission to improve quality outcomes while reducing the total cost of care. Theraskin is a living human split-thickness skin allograft that is cryopreserved to preserve living cells and growth factors while maintaining a mature native human dermal architecture. The versatility in applications and sizes of Theraskin reduces product waste and helps to drive operational efficiencies in the wound care center to better manage total cost of care and quality outcomes related to wound care.

“We are very excited to be working with Healogics and have TheraSkin included in its iSupply initiative” stated Allan Staley, CEO of Solsys Medical. “The iSupply program enables Healogic’s hospital partners improved access to TheraSkin in order to improve wound healing outcomes at a lower cost.”

“We believe that high quality products at better prices translates into better care for people living with chronic wounds” said David Bassin, Chief Executive Officer at Healogics. “This first-of-its-kind program will be available at no additional charge to our partners, and will make a serious impact, not only on their bottom line, but on the consistency of supplies used during patient care. We expect this program to make an important impact on the cost of patient care. There is no other program like it today, and we are excited that Solsys Medical is part of iSupply.”

About Solsys Medical, LLC: Solsys Medical, LLC™ (formerly known and doing business as Soluble Systems, LLC) markets TheraSkin, a regenerative medical product, designed by nature and made for healing, to help healthcare professionals treat difficult to heal chronic wounds.

About TheraSkin: TheraSkin is a clinically proven, minimally manipulated, cryopreserved
human skin allograft containing the relevant human biological components needed to help repair and heal difficult to heal chronic wounds.

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