We are pleased to share that, effective 9/1/2016, TheraSkin® is reimbursable by Medicare/NGS for all chronic wounds, including, but not limited to, Diabetic Foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, dehisced surgical wounds, nercotizing fasciitis, traumatic burns and radiation burns. Previously, TheraSkin was only covered for diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers.

This “head-to-toe” coverage is effective for about 7.5 million Medicare recipients in Connecticut, New York, Vermont, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

As background, effective 9/1/2016, NGS retired their wound policy LCD #L34593, opting to rely on covered product FDA approved manufacturer’s Instructions for Use.

You are likely aware of the major clinical benefits provided by TheraSkin®, including an at-ready ECM and living cells to jump-start healing, and significant levels of the appropriate types and ratios of collagen. TheraSkin is real skin and as such has all of the relevant biological components of human skin associated with healing human skin.

TheraSkin’s extensive clinical evidence, including two head-to-head Prospective RCTs, demonstrate its excellent clinical efficacy in closing recalcitrant chronic wounds, even on large wounds and wounds involving exposed bone and tendon.

Granting access to this treatment means granting access to necessary growth factors, collagen and cytokines naturally found in human skin. TheraSkin’s “Nothing Heals Like Real” mantra speaks volumes in clinical studies as well as patient lives.

For more information about TheraSkin and healing, please reach out to your knowledgeable local representative or call 877-222-2681.

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